In the field of psychology, illness has been traditionally referred to cognitive and emotional phenomena e.g. anxiety, stress, depression or any psychotic disorder. The department of psychology promotes the mission to advance the health care of children with catastrophic illnesses through efforts in research, patient care, family-centered initiatives, student and staff training, and participation in extramural programs. We are a team of Health Care Professionals including the Psychologists who function as a part of the medical team along with Medical Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists and so on, eager to help patients of MGM Hospital live full and rewarding lives. We provide many services to inpatients and outpatients of our hospital including research, assessments and interventions specifically designed to give us good information and get good results.Being unwell is difficult under any circumstances. We know how important it is to be heard and understood when you are talking about your difficulties. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to and understand our patients.We aim to provide high quality, responsive and efficient assessment and treatment services to all our patients.The Department seeks to optimize the ability of children with catastrophic illnesses to achieve full health potential and the best possible quality of life by providing outstanding clinical care and by conducting innovative clinical investigation that leads to improved outcomes for patients and families.


Psychologists help in cost containment and equalization of care.They can also contribute their expertise to the care of patients who have physical health symptoms exacerbated by psychological factors by providing psychotherapeutic measures to assess, diagnose, treat and educate the quality of life to the clients as well as to the medical professionals.We are indispensable in evaluating the psychological aspects of patient- care.We work directly with patients or in consultation with the medical team to design treatments that are suited not only to the patient’s physical needs but also to psychological needs as well.



Q: What Happens In the First Session with my child’s psychologist?
Usually an appointment will be organised for the child/young person and their parents/caregivers to attend. At the first meeting, discussion about your child’s needs and a review of your child’s history will occur. We will recommend the most useful and helpful treatment approach for your child’s particular needs, explain the therapeutic process in detail and answer your questions.
This gives you the opportunity to meet the Clinical Psychologist who will be working with your child, visit our office, and ensure you are comfortable with the entire process. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and make an informed decision before you commit to receiving any further services. Therapeutic techniques are chosen based on clinical judgement, professional expertise and current research evidence.