The Department of Oncology treats cancers of solid organs. The section of Surgical Oncology at MGM Hospital, offers a highly integrated approach to the management of both common and rare cancers which includeGi, breast, soft tissue/ melanoma and endocrine malignancies. Most of the sections procedures are done on outpatient basis viz.Breast and lymph node biopsy, venous access procedures and GI Endoscopy. The most common malignancies requiring in-patient care are: breast, colorectal, esophago-gastric, pancreatic, hepatobiliary, and soft tissue sarcomas.
The comprehensive treatment planning system consists of a panel of competent medical, surgical and radiation oncologists with a clear commitment to quality of life restoration. They coordinate multidisciplinary care for cancer patients, which may involve physiotherapy, counselling, clinical genetics, etc. as well as complex procedures like pylorus-sparing, pancreatico-duodenectomy for pancreatic cancer,sphincter-sparing procedures for low-lying rectal cancers and minimally invasive diagnostic techniques. They also coordinate with pathologists to understand the exact biological nature of the tumour under treatment. Along with diagnostic consultants, medical counsellors, speech therapists and clinicians from different speciality departments relevant to the case, examine the referred cases and jointly discuss all the approaches and options available for best line of treatment at the most affordable prices for each patient to ensure that the patients are receiving care for their whole body and mind, not just their cancer.


We provide dedicated adult and paediatric medical oncology services and chempotheraphy for solid tumors and haematological malignancies. Personalized targeted therapy are given to various cancers. HIPEC- HypertheramicIntraperitoneal Chemotherapy and HIThoC- HyperthermicIntrathoracic Chemotherapy, TACE- Trans-arterial Chemo-embolization and Intraarterial Chemotherapy are performed by the best team of doctors making your journey less stressful and improving the quality of life.


Q: I was just diagnosed with cancer—what do I do now?
The first thing you should do is contact your family physician or the physician who diagnosed your cancer and get a recommendation for an oncologist. Often a surgeon and medical oncologist are the first physicians you will need to meet with to determine the best course of treatment. Radiation oncologists will be referred to you from either the surgeon, medical oncologist, or both if radiation is indicated as part of your treatment plan. If you do not have a physician, MGM Hospital can assist you in finding the physicians you need to receive optimal care.
Q: How often and how long are radiation treatments?
Most radiation treatments are given five days per week, Monday through Friday. We do not treat on weekends in order to allow your body to have a break from radiation. Length of treatments vary per individual because of personalized treatment plans. On average, radiation treatment takes 15 minutes from start to finish. The first day is the longest and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes.
Q: What are the side effects of radiation and/or chemotherapy?
Side effects differ from person to person and will depend on the area of the body that is being treated with radiation or the type of drug being infused for chemotherapy. Our therapy and nursing team will discuss the side effects and how you can manage them before, during, and after your radiation treatment. We also have a support team that includes a dietitian who specializes in oncology nutrition.